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Deriving long term value - measured both financially & operationally          Transforming businesess to achieve growth in sales and earnings.

TSS Lean & Grow

Enabiling Futuristic Transformation 

TSS Lean and Grow is an end-to-end knowledge powerhouse for implementing  lean practices. With lean professionals from manufacturing and services  and with more than 500+ person years of experience in process consulting  and business transformation, TSS Lean and Grow is located in  Nottingham, UK. We  specialise in in-depth process assessment to deliver recommendations,  create strategies, and enable implementation of lean procedures. Our  work conviction  is based on creating a customer-driven business approach, completely  eliminate waste and errors and boosts productivity and performance excellence. By aligning theory of constraints, Lean and Six Sigma with Industry 4.0 technologies, robotic process automation, our esteemed  customers can drive continuous improvement and enhance customer value.

Trim Your Sails

Trim Your Sails: We should adapt or change to new ways. The act of trimming a ships sails, is to change the sails to suit and take advantage of the wind conditions. Our consultants will support you in trimming towards quick and sustainable change and impacts. We believe in CHANGE that can only be successful if it becomes a part of corporate culture. Our consultants assess the existing process and CULTURE, develop solutions, make changes, suggest changes, measure changes and continuous improvements.

Our Lean Impacts

$200 M

Cost Savings


Employee Touched


Lean Projects

Lean brought out every hidden opportunity that our organization had for improvement. 

Director - Operations

GE Tirveni Turbine

Meet Our Consultants

Our average experience for our consultants is 15 years. They are from Manufacturing, Services and Shared Services

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