lean for shared services, situation

Lean for Shared Services - Situation 

Every organisation had spent enormous time and money to bring efficiencies in process improvement and process optimisation. However, only a few businesses have been able to achieve success at a faster rate.

In the shared services business, success will further come down. Unlike other industries, there are in inherent challenges that stop growth for shared services organisations. 

lean for shared services, problem

Lean for Shared Services - Problem

The problem starts with its organisation structure, which is multiple and geographically spread. Non-standard processes in different locations. Unpredictable expenses due to local challenges. Waste of resources due to duplication of work. Not able to make decisions at the right time. Disparate technology applications across sites.
Troubleshooting with bandaid will have repercussions on its own. Freequent Employee  Performance issue due to lack of standardised performance 

lean for shared services, solution

Shared Services - Solution 

In a shared services industry perspective, a large part of the problem is on the process improvement mechanisms, its relations and structure with the organisational structure. 

Here comes the critical role of LEAN. Whether 6 Sigma, 5S, Kanban or any methods, Lean can work in a complex environments. Lean can accelerate the work process that is intricately connected, and multiple teams have to contribute towards one common goal.