TSS Lean and Grow

Blueprint for Excellence 

End-to-End Organizational Development

TSS Lean and grow is not just defining strategic orientation of the organization but also being present through the growth journey of the entire organization. This can be from roadmap creation to implementation and assessment, through data-driven and client-specific approaches. 

Enabling Entire Organization to Grow 

TSS Lean and Grow way will cover every employee, from CEO to Shop Floor, to focus on the relevance of each of their tasks rather than forcing them to just learn what they should be doing in their specific roles. This approach works right from the Vision of the organization and supports all the stakeholders in mapping their individual and organizational journeys.

Across-Vertical Excellence 

Our lean consultants helps in delivering  cross-functional practice expertise. Delivering practice-driven consulting service, with specialists across verticals gathering complete vertical knowledge, driving organization-specific excellence, and enabling the adoption of sector-specific lean practices.


Our lean consultants can support the direct challenges from VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity & ambiguity) characteristics of the global business environment. This is taking smart and early determination of signs of change and development of proactive and preemptive strategies.
Our Lean and Grow focus on reinforcing the organization and its entire business ecosystem of internal stakeholders and external stakeholders such as suppliers, partners, and customers for the long term value to overcome the ever-changing business landscape dynamics. This is achieved by helping every stakeholder to systematically evolve and scale up as a team as they transform.

Change Management 

Lean is about creating smart and effective process driven decentralized system within the organization work force, that enables smooth process management, from delivering a customer-centric experience to effortless problem solving. Our Lean consultants will focus on catalyzing process improvement through in-depth process assessment to create organization-specific, customized, and detailed process framework organization. This connects every node of the organizational process to create a connected value stream, flowing seamlessly across the organization, from the top management to every employee, and delivering recommendations, creating strategies, and enabling implementation of lean procedures
To maximize customer value by minimizing the areas of waste in each process, task and sub task requires regular interventions. Transferring lean management philosophy to organizational leaders and enabling organizational transformation in thought process – through trainings, workshops, and awareness sessions.  Our consultants focus on aligning the best of Lean and Six Sigma principles with Industry 4.0 technologies, manufacturers can effortlessly drive continuous improvement, maximize efficiency, and enhance customer value – together these powerful paradigms can help manufacturers in enabling business transformations